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Over 7500 People in our InAugural Event on May 21, 2017

New Single Day City Attendance Event Record for the City of Orillia!

Orillia Packet & Times Wrote:

The Cottage CountryCon was the brainchild of Carmine De Santo, owner of Dr. Comics in downtown Orillia. He conceived the idea over a year ago and expected to start small. He simply had a vision of "a group of comic fans and toy fans getting together in one day." But the idea caught on like wildfire and exploded into a massive event. Whatever happens in the future, it will be difficult to top the inaugural Cottage CountryCon, which is suddenly the largest single one-day event in the city in terms of attendance numbers. It's an accomplishment of super-hero stature for a local visionary who deserves his own cape for helping to put Orillia on the map in a new and welcome way”

Creator of Deadpool Fabian Nicieza Said:

“In my 30 years of doing comic-cons all over North America, I've never seen so many people at a 1 day event in a small community of people, Congrats Carmine you Canadians know how to con it!”

CK Leach - ADL Gaming, Vendor Said:

“I just had a hell of a time at the Cottage CountryCon 2017, Orillia has a Devout Comic, Retro, Game, Artist, Creative Culture. 1st time show 7500 people and 8 hours, insane!!! and we will back in 2018”